Aug 19, 2015

Water-related Damages Can Occur Any Time

Water-related damages from a leaky sink

When you think of water-related damages, most often flooding and heavy rains come to mind. While these natural occurrences do contribute to water-related damages in homes and business throughout Central Oregon, many other instances can lead to water-related damages any time of the year. Water-related Damages in Homes Water heaters can rust on the bottom

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Aug 17, 2015

Bend’s Habitat for Humanity Build day

We are calling this the 1st annual CODR- Habitat build day as we plan on making this an ongoing effort for a great cause. Central Oregon Disaster Restoration (CODR) had 7 employees volunteer to spend the day building at the site that will soon be a home for Carrie Doyle and her boys. We were

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Aug 5, 2015

When Would I Need a Disaster Restoration Company?

Fire Damage needing a disaster restoration company

The odds are you will know exactly when you need the help of a disaster restoration company in Central Oregon. From pipes freezing and bursting to kitchen grease fires to the harm from a large wildfire, there are many reasons why you would need the assistance of a disaster restoration company. Central Oregon Disaster Restoration

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