May 28, 2018

Reducing Allergies in Your Home

It’s that season again. The sniffles, the dry throat, the runny nose and coughing. At first you may think you’re getting sick, but then you remember Spring is upon us and your yearly allergies are starting to kick in. While this is unfortunate and hinders us from enjoying the outdoors like we would love to, there are many ways you can reduce these symptoms in your home throughout this time of the year. This month we thought it important to give you some tips on how to reduce the amount of pollen in your home and therefore reduce your allergies this season.

Remove Clutter
A clean home not only does wonders for your psyche, but also gives dust and pollen less places to congregate. Keeping furniture wiped down is important to reduce the spread of these allergenic materials as well.

Clean Your Largest Surfaces
Large surfaces like your flooring or counter tops are the most important to keep swept/wiped down during this season. Dust and pollen are able to move throughout the home quickly on these smooth surfaces, and it is often not easily visible just how dirty these surfaces are. Even just using a damp towel to quickly wipe down these surfaces will greatly decrease the amount of allergens in the air in your home.

Remove Broken Down Furniture
You may be wondering how all this dust gets in your home. You’re really good at keeping your place clean, but dust seems to be created out of thin air. One of the leading causes of dust in your home is furniture breaking down. Whether its a rug, carpet, or an old couch, as the materials break down inside of these, dust gets pushed out into your air. Make sure you replace any old furniture in your home.

Clean The Air
Probably the most important step in keeping your home allergen-free is to clean the air in your home. There are many way to go about this, but the most important and easiest step you can take tis to replace the air filters in your home. They’re inexpensive and should ideally be replaced every 6 months. If you notice that your filters are getting dirty abnormally fast, then it may be time to have someone come clean your air ducts. This not only reduced the dust and pollen in your home’s air, but can reduce the risk of a fire occurring in your home. One last thing you can do is purchase an air purifier. If you spend a lot of time in a certain room, like your living room or bedroom, it may be a good idea to get a purifier to eliminate allergens in that area.

Keep Your Pets Groomed Properly
Bend Oregon has one of the highest per capita dog populations anywhere in the world with 49% of Central Oregon residents owning a dog. We love our k9 members of the family, and it is important to treat them that way. Make sure to groom your pets regularly. Spring time is when our animals shed an excessive amount of their hair, and this can greatly increase people’s allergies. If they have long hair, make sure to keep it trimmed. If they spend a large amount of time outside, make sure to bathe them before allowing them to roam throughout your home. Their coats are a great place for dust an pollen to attach itself and find its way into your home.

Keep Windows Closed
While the cool spring breeze can feel amazing flowing throughout your home, keeping the windows open is an easy way for allergens to enter your home. Instead, a simply room fan can give you the air current you’re looking for without the side effects.

Change Clothes After Being Outside For Extended Periods Of Time
Your clothes, similar to a pets coat, are a great place for dust and pollen to attach itself to and find its way into your home. If you spend an extended amount of time outside, make sure you change clothes after returning to your home to prevent the spread of these allergens.

Remove Allergenic Plants From Your Property
Avoid adding allergenic trees like maple (male), birch and ash (male) to the landscape. Instead, choose low-allergy trees like dogwood, double-flowered cherry and magnolia. Female ash and female maple trees are considered low-allergy, too, but buy from a reliable nursery source to be sure of the tree’s gender.

Hopefully this short list of ideas will help make this season a more enjoyable time of the year for you. If you have any questions about how to further reduce the allergens inside your home, or are in need of an air duct cleaning, call us at: 541-318-7853. We are on your side and always here to help.

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