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Experiencing sewage damage can spell disaster for homeowners or business operators. The repercussions of water damage alone are significant, but when sewage is involved, thorough inspection of anything in contact with it becomes imperative. The optimal course of action is to reach out to local sewage damage experts, as this is the most effective means of minimizing harm to your property and shielding yourself from the health risks associated with sewage damage.

Central Oregon Disaster Restoration is renowned for delivering prompt and efficient sewage damage cleanup services. With our 24/7 emergency response services, you can rest assured that whenever sewage damage is detected on your property, a simple call to us ensures you’ll receive the care you need.

Common Causes of Sewage Damage

Burst Pipes


Sewage Backup

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Sewage Damage Cleanup Process

When you call CODR, we will send a sewage damage specialist to your property to inspect the damages and gather any information we can to provide you with an accurate quote.

CODR will prioritize the water removal process in order to minimize damages. Using professional water extraction equipment and air blowers, we will work to remove the water and dry your property.

After the water has been removed, our team of technicians will work tirelessly to identify any and all materials that are irreversibly damaged, and then quickly remove them in an appropriate manner.ย 

As a professional restoration company with significant experience in the construction industry, our technicians have the certifications, skills, and equipment to make any and all repairs that you may need to restore your home or business back to it’s pre-disaster condition.

Throughout the entire restoration and repair process, our professionals will maintain impeccable documentation. To ensure that your insurance claim is comprehensive, we will make notes and take pictures, recording any damages or losses.

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Why Choose CODR For Disaster Restoration

We know how traumatic a disaster loss can be, whether it is fire, water, smoke or other structural damage. It is our goal to make your disaster restoration experience as easy and efficient as possible. We value the person-to-person contact that makes living in Bend, Oregon priceless. You will receive the local, small-town feeling with the professionalism and experienced service of the largest local Disaster Restoration firm.

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Read Our Testimonials
Matt Hernandez
Matt Hernandez
As both a former employee and a beneficiary of Central Oregon Disaster Restoration (CODR) exceptional service, I am thrilled to share my unique perspective on this outstanding company. Eight years ago, I had the privilege of working for CODR, and recently, I experienced their remarkable water damage restoration firsthand. During my time as an employee at CODR, I was deeply impressed by the companies unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service. From the inside, I witnessed their meticulous organization and execution of every aspect of their operations. Their dedication extended not only to their clients but also to their employees, fostering a culture of care and excellence. Working alongside the field crews, I had the opportunity to witness their unmatched skills and dedication. Each team member approached every project with a level of professionalism and expertise that set the standard in the industry. The camaraderie and collaboration among the crew members created an environment where quality workmanship thrived, ensuring that each restoration job was completed with precision and efficiency. Behind the scenes, the office staff at CODR worked tirelessly to ensure seamless coordination between the field crews, clients, and insurance companies. Their attention to detail and prompt response to inquiries or concerns reflected a high level of professionalism. I witnessed firsthand their dedication to providing exceptional customer service and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the restoration process. What truly sets CODR apart is their ability to attract and retain exceptional employees. During my time there, I had the privilege of working with individuals who were not only highly skilled but also deeply passionate about their work. The companies commitment to cultivating a talented and dedicated workforce was evident, and it played a significant role in their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results. Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of water damage in my own home. However, I knew I was in capable hands when I called CODR for assistance. From the moment I reached out, their office staff demonstrated the same level of professionalism and empathy that I had experienced as an employee. They promptly dispatched a field crew to assess the damage and develop a comprehensive plan for the restoration process. As a customer, I was amazed at how efficiently and effectively CODR handled my water damage claim. The field crews, including some familiar faces from my time with the company, were dedicated and thorough in mitigating the damage. Their expertise and use of advanced techniques ensured a swift and successful restoration, exceeding my expectations. CODR's ability to handle such a large-scale project with expertise and care, even for one of their own, showcases their commitment to excellence. Their local presence, as opposed to being a large franchise, adds a unique touch to their service. CODR's ability to provide personalized attention while handling significant projects sets them apart in the industry. In conclusion, as a former employee and a customer, I cannot recommend Central Oregon Disaster Restoration enough. Their exceptional service, both from the field crews and the office staff, is a testament to their dedication and expertise. Whether you are an employee or a client, CODR's commitment to excellence ensures that you will receive prompt, efficient, and top-quality service for any restoration needs.
Jimmie McGuire
Jimmie McGuire
Nice people and preformed the job quickly to make sure that my family and I were safe.
Bryan Illingworth
Bryan Illingworth
Codr showed up promptly after we noticed our fridge water line was broken and flooding the floor. Everything was replaced in a timely fashion. Their expertise and swift thinking saved us from major damage. Easy to work with. Thank you Central oregon Disaster restoration!!
Jacques Poulos
Jacques Poulos
I recently had the pleasure of working with Central Oregon Disaster Restoration and I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and expertise. They did an exceptional job on a large water damage claim at one of my properties, and I couldn't be more pleased with the final results. Not only did they negotiate with my insurance company on my behalf, but they were able to salvage what they could and replace the rest to an even better final product than I had before. Their team of employees was amazing and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From the moment I contacted Central Oregon Disaster Restoration, I was impressed with their level of knowledge and expertise. They immediately took charge of the situation, assessing the damage and providing me with a detailed plan of action. Their communication throughout the entire process was exceptional, keeping me informed every step of the way. Their team worked tirelessly to ensure that my property was restored to its pre-damage condition, and I couldn't be happier with the final results. The quality of their work is outstanding, and they went above and beyond to make sure that every detail was taken care of. Overall, I would highly recommend Central Oregon Disaster Restoration to anyone in need of their services. They are a top-notch company that truly cares about their clients and their work. Thank you for everything, Central Oregon Disaster Restoration!
Broch Inghram
Broch Inghram
Chris did a great job. Thanks for your hard work.
Rylynn Curtis
Rylynn Curtis
Bear was amazing, fast, and easy to work with!
Travis Starr
Travis Starr
Top class disaster restoration company that gives first class service, highly recommend!! 5 stars!!
Roy Malcolm
Roy Malcolm
๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸall staff terrific especially Lyssa!!! Roy
Michael Cottam
Michael Cottam
Super nice folks. They came right away and got dryers going immediately. Very helpful walking us through what we needed to do.