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Asbestos Abatement Services in Madras, OR

Asbestos Removal Services
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Utilized in the construction and renovation of numerous buildings between the 1940s and 1970s, asbestos is a dangerous substance housing harmful contaminants that can inflict lung damage and pose long-term health risks, such as specific cancers. The belief is that even minimal exposure can result in significant harm over time. 

Central Oregon Disaster Restoration, founded in 2006 and based in Madras, Oregon, provides asbestos testing and abatement services in Madras and statewide.

Asbestos Removal

Common Materials That Contain Asbestos

The following are examples of some building materials that may contain asbestos:

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Asbestos Testing Services in Madras

When abatement demands safe asbestos removal, Central Oregon Disaster Restoration stands ready with its experience in this field. We’ve successfully executed projects in commercial, government, industrial, and residential settings, employing highly trained supervisors and personnel who recognize the importance of safe asbestos removal in any building demolition or renovation endeavor.

Asbestos Testing

Our Asbestos Removal Process in Madras

When you call CODR we will respond immediately by sending one of our licensed technicians to your property to provide a free inspection. From this inspection we will identify any suspicious materials that may be worth testing for asbestos contamination

If we find materials that are worth testing, our technicians will take samples of the materials and send them out for comprehensive testing.

If we find asbestos contamination on your property, we can begin to remove any damaged materials. Our technicians will work to remove and dispose of those materials in the correct manner, preparing the area for repairs.

Once the area has been cleared, our team will begin working to make any necessary repairs in order to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

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We know how traumatic a disaster loss can be, whether it is fire, water, smoke or other structural damage. It is our goal to make your disaster restoration experience as easy and efficient as possible. We value the person-to-person contact that makes living in Madras, Oregon priceless. You will receive the local, small-town feeling with the professionalism and experienced service of the largest local Disaster Restoration firm.

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