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After a water-related disaster causes damage to your property, it is imperative that you remove the water as quickly as possible. Any standing water will cause considerable damage, with those damages worsening every minute that water remains in contact with your property. 

Calling a water removal company like CODR is you best way to protect your property from excessive damage. A speedy response also ensures that you get the best coverage from your homeowner’s insurance plan. Give us a call at the first sign of water damage and we will send our technicians to your property to begin the water removal process as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Water Damage

Burst Pipes

Inclement Weather

Clogged Drains

Sewage Backup

Leaky Appliances

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Water Restoration Services

Water-related damages cost property owners and renters billions of dollars each year. Having a professional remove water immediately prevents further damage. The most common damage is caused by plumbing problems (tubs, showers, toilets, pipes), heavy rainwater and flooding, ice dams and frozen pipe breaks. If you discover water damage in your home or business don’t let it go unchecked, call Central Oregon Disaster Restoration for water removal services immediately.

Central Oregon Disaster Restoration will work directly with your insurance company to assess the damage, obtain coverage, develop an appropriate course of action for remediation, and manage your claim from start to finish.

Water Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Process

When you call CODR for help with water damage, we will send expert technicians to perform an inspection and formulate a plan of attack based on all of your available options.  After hours inspections may be subject to an emergency response charge, but we will discuss charges before dispatching a crew.

The first step of the restoration process is to remove the water. We call this a Dry Out. Standing water causes significant damage quickly, so the faster we can remove the water, the less damage will be done, leaving us with less cleanup, less repairs, and a quicker restoration.

Once the Dry Out is complete, we can begin to remove any damaged materials. We call this process Demo. Things like flooring, drywall, cabinets, and insulation may need repaired or replaced. Our technicians will work to identify the materials that can be restored and salvaged versus those that are irreparable and clear the area for repairs to begin.

This finalizes the Mitigation process and begins the transition to Repairs. At this point a new team will take over your restoration journey

We strive to help you find coverage and receive fair and accurate insurance settlements. Whenever possible we will work directly with your carrier to ensure coverage before work is done. Avoiding financial surprises. To ensure that you receive the coverage that you have paid for, our team of certified technicians will document, photograph, and itemize every item that was in the affected area, we will take notes on the damages and will work with your insurance company throughout the process.

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At Central Oregon Disaster Restoration we will deliver expert evaluation of your loss, clear communication about the best course of action, experienced assistance getting insurance coverage approved, efficient mitigation, quality work, and no financial surprises. From water damage to fire restoration, asbestos abatement to treating mold, we understand it’s an honor to work in your home. Serving Bend and the surrounding areas since 2006, we are “The Home Team”.

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