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Comprehensive Lead Paint Removal in Central Oregon

Before the health hazards of lead were understood it was utilized in the manufacturing of many everyday items, notably lead based paints. Before the 1950s lead based paint were very common, but they weren’t banned until 1978. If your building was constructed prior to 1978 you should know whether you are exposed. Central Oregon Disaster Restoration has an experienced crew to handle your potentially hazardous lead issues from start to finish. Our expert technicians will inspect, test, advise, and safely remove the lead. 

CODR holds its Lead Based Paint Renovators (LBPR) Contractors License endorsement from the State Of Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB), which is required for any contractor in the state to perform lead-based paint remediation services. From lead testing to lead abatement, CODR can help resolve your lead-based p

Lead Paint Removal

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Lead Related Health Risks

In Children:

Young children are most vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning because their nervous systems are still developing, and they absorb lead 4-5 times more rapidly than adults. This can lead to intellectual disabilities, difficulty in school, and behavioral issues.

In Adults

In adults lead exposure can lead to health problems that include strokes and ischemic heart disease.

In Pregnant Women

Lead toxicity impacts many organs but can also cause serious issues in the health and development of the fetus.

Lead Toxicity

Lead based paint is incredibly durable and was used prominently before 1950s when the health hazards of living with high quantities of lead came to light. It slowly became less common before being banned entirely in Oregon in 1978.

When absorbed through your skin, it causes many known health problems, including brain, kidney, nerve, and blood damage. It is very important to remove lead-based paints from your home. Central Oregon Disaster Restoration’s expert technicians can test and safely remove this danger from your home.

Lead Removal

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